Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Best Week in a Long Time

This has been a very good week for Dennis.  He has said repeatedly that he has not felt this good since before all of this happened.  He has not been nearly as tired this week and that has been encouraging.  One of our on-going concerns has been the fatigue and if it will continue after he has completed treatments in February.  The radiation he completed about three months ago is very fatiguing and we were told it can take months for that to wear off.  If this last week has been any indication, it appears that it is finally subsiding some.  In case I am giving you the wrong impression, we are seeing improvement in this area but he still tires easily.  In fact, on Saturday we wanted to do a little Christmas shopping and after just one stop he was exhausted.  I’m guessing he will do most of his shopping on line this year.

We treasure your prayers as we continue on this journey.  Each time Dennis goes in for an infusion or takes his chemo, I pray that God will use it to any remaining cells so this tumor never returns. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Life Can Be Exhausting

There are days when I am just exhausted.  Today is one of them.  To be honest, I have a lot of them.  I’m physically tired and emotionally tired.  Between the stress of waiting on test results, the relief when they are ok (yes, even relief is tiring), keeping up with a family, picking up the extras that Dennis can’t do right now, doing the extras that come with a serious health issue and frankly, never getting a chance to just sleep in – I’m exhausted.  Oh, and I failed to mention an old golden retriever whose bladder is having trouble making it through the night so I sleep with one ear open because if she wakes up, I better be quick at getting her out the door.  Did I mention I tried putting bells on her and every time she even just turns over they ring and wake me up in a panic?  

Yesterday was a day “off” for me.  Ok, that really just meant I took a vacation day from work but it was not a day to rest or catch up on anything.  Got up 30 minutes later than usual, made sure Brooke was ready for school when her aunt picked her up.  Scanned and sent her homework to the teacher because Brooke realized it was on the kitchen table about 20 minutes into her ride to school, got ready for the day, headed to the hospital with Dennis for a doctor appointment and his treatment, did a quick stop at a shoe store to see if they had the boot in stock that I wanted, got home and warmed up a piece of pizza for lunch before heading to pick up Brooke from school (1.5 hours round trip in which we reviewed spelling words and memory verses), dozed off on the couch for a few minutes before making a quick supper for Brooke, took Brooke to Awana, ran home for about an hour before returning to pick up Brooke, got her to bed an hour past her bedtime, tried to watch some TV but there really was nothing worth watching on, fell into bed totally shot.  And this was a day off!  

In the midst of the exhaustion though, I do find rest and joy.  I am more and more convinced that God gave us Brooke to help us during this time.  She is a bright spot of light and joy.  Her bubbly personality, quick smile and tender heart, warm and encourage us.  We are blessed by this incredible child God so graciously led us too.  I absolutely love hearing her pray and thank God for the simple things in her life like sunshine, snow, doggies and anything that happened in the course of her day.  I love the way she looks at us when she talks.  Her eyes sparkle and give me a new look at the world through those sparkly eyes.  I am refreshed by every hug or request to be held and nothing really compares to watching her interact with her daddy.  Thank you Lord for this precious child you have entrusted to our care.   

And that is not even beginning to scratch the surface of the blessings that keep us going.  Recounting them always brings refreshment and determination to go on.  

  • Dennis had a good MRI this week.
  • Dennis is doing well although tired much of the time.
  • There are so many people who minister to our needs in so many ways – rides, meals, cards, emails, phone calls…Most of these are done without us even making our needs known.
  • Dennis has long-term disability through work that is helping to meet the financial needs during this time.
  • The assurance that God is walking this road with us and will continue to meet all of our needs and grow us along the way.
  • Good health insurance.

Please keep praying.

  • Dennis started five days of chemo on Wednesday.
  • That the tumor does not come back.
  • For complete physical healing.
  • For peace on the days when life can just be overwhelming.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dr. Appt News

We just met with Dennis' doctor. The MRI looks good. We asked him if this is expected at this point and he said that each person is different. Although regrowth of the tumor is expected at some point, he told us that each person is different and that he has had patients that surprise him. Also the trial drug hopefully impacts the normal outcomes. Of course, we also believe God can change those normal outcomes if He chooses to do so.

Dennis starts five days of chemo today. The doctor lowered the dose some since the last round was hard on him. He said the lower dose does not impact how well it works.

We are so blessed to have you supporting us in prayer.  Please keep us on your prayer list for complete healing.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

MRI Results

Dennis' doctor called him to let him know the MRI results - he didn't make us wait until we see him tomorrow.  The wonderful news is the MRI looks good!  Thanks for your prayers.  We really have been experiencing peace as we travel down this road but hearing a good report is also a blessing. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Bucket List

You may have seen the movie The Bucket List about two men who are given terminal diagnoses and they decide to pursue a list of things they want to do before they die – their bucket list.  For people with terminal diseases, like the two men in the movie, having a bucket list is not uncommon.  In fact, along Dennis’ journey with his cancer, he has met a number of people who have a bucket list. Their lists reflect their priorities and are a reflection of what they see as valuable.

As I have said often, Dennis’ journey through this cancer has been a challenge to me.  As he shared his perspective about the conversations he has had with people who are actively pursuing their bucket list, Dennis’ response has once again stretched me and made me think about what my bucket list might contain – or frankly, if a Christ follower would even need one.  You see, Dennis’ perspective on this is not about what he might miss seeing or doing if he does not survive but rather on what awaits him should he not survive.  As we were talking about this we concluded that after one moment in heaven no one will be thinking, “Man, I never got to see the ….” (Fill it in with anything this world has to offer.) As a follower of Christ, we know only vaguely what awaits us but it far more than words can describe and this earth will pale in comparison.  (Revelation 21 attempts to describe heaven but words do not do it justice.)

Dennis told me, he wants to make memories for Brooke and me because we will still be here but for himself, he knows that should he not survive this cancer, what awaits him is far better.  

Prayer Requests
As you pray for us this week, please pray about the MRI Dennis will have on Tuesday. We will get the results of it on Wednesday.  Pray that there will be no regrowth and that we will have peace as we wait to learn the results.  Also, on Wednesday he will start five days of chemo. The last round was tough on him so pray this round goes better.