Friday, November 9, 2012

The Bucket List

You may have seen the movie The Bucket List about two men who are given terminal diagnoses and they decide to pursue a list of things they want to do before they die – their bucket list.  For people with terminal diseases, like the two men in the movie, having a bucket list is not uncommon.  In fact, along Dennis’ journey with his cancer, he has met a number of people who have a bucket list. Their lists reflect their priorities and are a reflection of what they see as valuable.

As I have said often, Dennis’ journey through this cancer has been a challenge to me.  As he shared his perspective about the conversations he has had with people who are actively pursuing their bucket list, Dennis’ response has once again stretched me and made me think about what my bucket list might contain – or frankly, if a Christ follower would even need one.  You see, Dennis’ perspective on this is not about what he might miss seeing or doing if he does not survive but rather on what awaits him should he not survive.  As we were talking about this we concluded that after one moment in heaven no one will be thinking, “Man, I never got to see the ….” (Fill it in with anything this world has to offer.) As a follower of Christ, we know only vaguely what awaits us but it far more than words can describe and this earth will pale in comparison.  (Revelation 21 attempts to describe heaven but words do not do it justice.)

Dennis told me, he wants to make memories for Brooke and me because we will still be here but for himself, he knows that should he not survive this cancer, what awaits him is far better.  

Prayer Requests
As you pray for us this week, please pray about the MRI Dennis will have on Tuesday. We will get the results of it on Wednesday.  Pray that there will be no regrowth and that we will have peace as we wait to learn the results.  Also, on Wednesday he will start five days of chemo. The last round was tough on him so pray this round goes better.

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