Friday, January 11, 2013

Dennis' Update

It has been a crazy week at our house.  Tuesday afternoon Dennis had the MRI and Wednesday we got the great news that it is still clear.  The days leading up to MRIs are especially difficult.  They pervade our thoughts and disturb our “healthy denial” that we live in.  They make us face again the reality of Dennis’ diagnosis.  I will say that I have never been this calm leading up to one of these as I was this time.  Thank you for all of the prayers for our peace during this time.  In addition to learning that Dennis’ MRI was clear again, the study coordinator also told us that the five people they have on the trial drug are all doing well.  We see this as a positive note in the midst of so much negative information on GBM tumors.  Dennis said this week, “I have to stay off of the internet.”  What you find on the internet in regards to GBM tumors is pretty bleak.  It can easily cloud our hope and thinking.  We were encouraged this week by the good news and continue to trust our heavenly Father as we continue down this path.  On a couple of occasions this week I have said, “God’s grace is with us right now and will be with us down the road when we need it there.”  

Dennis started the fifth round of chemo on Wednesday.  He will finish it on Sunday.  His last round will be in February with the trial drug also ending at the end of February.  He will have an MRI in early March and then every eight weeks for a while.  

If you haven’t seen Dennis in a while, you would be surprised at how good he looks.  Everyone comments on this.  He still struggles a lot with fatigue.  He will feel good and a few hours later be totally exhausted.  We suspect this is related to the medications but won’t know that for sure until he is off of them for a while.  

In addition to Dennis’ health issues, my Mom has been having some as well.  She was diagnosed with influenza a few weeks ago; in spite of the fact she had the flu shot.  Then on Thursday morning she had a heart incident.  She had every symptom of a heart attack but it was arterial fibrillation. (a very rapid heart rate)  She got an ambulance ride and some time in the ER.  Thankfully it resolved itself and she was able to go home later in the day.  Life is defiantly not boring around here.  

Prayer Requests:
Keep praying for full healing and no regrowth of the tumor.
Pray for Dennis to have increased stamina and less fatigue.
Peace on the difficult days – we both struggle from time to time with all of this.

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