Monday, June 16, 2014

Radiation is what?

Dennis finished the last of his 27 radiation treatments today!  We are so glad these are done.  They have really taken a toll on Dennis' stamina and on his ability to come up with words from time to time.  Although we are rejoicing that this stage is done, it has been an emotionally trying day as well.

This second round of radiation was something we have always kept as a last resort or at least for nearing the end of the options.  We knew going into it that it would be tough and that with radiation, good brain cells are also destroyed in the process.  What we didn't know is which functions might potentially be affected by this.  We still don't know that.  Radiation continues to work for awhile but at the same time swelling starts going down.  The bottom line is until some time has passed we won't know what long-term impact this last round of radiation has had.  This is also true in determining if the tumor is under control.  He will have an MRI in several months that will give us a better idea of what impact the radiation had on the tumor.

In addition, we had discussions with his doctor today that are hard.  There is no way in knowing when this tumor will start growing again.  Usually the doctor told us that they see regrowth in 6 months to 2 years but that they see people with shorter or longer time frames.  As hard as that is to hear, we also need to hear it in order to be prepared.  The doctor did tell us that when they feel they have done all they can, he will be open with us about that but that it is important to start thinking about options such as hospice so that when it is needed we will have plans in place.  He was very clear in saying that he is not saying that he thinks Dennis has less than 6 months which is what most people think of when they hear hospice.  He has no way of knowing at this point and wants us prepared.

We continue to seek God's direction in all of this.  We know and believe He is fully able to heal and restore Dennis completely. The only question is if it will be here or in eternity.  We will trust Him in what He is doing and that it is all in His plan for all of our lives.  We will live and enjoy whatever time we have left together. We know one day we will all be reunited in Heaven where there will be no more disease or death.

Please keep praying for us as we make this journey together.
  • Pray for Dennis' strength to return and for his word finding challenges to go away.
  • Pray for complete healing and restoration - God is able!
  • Pray for us to have peace during the days ahead.
  • Pray for wisdom for us and the doctors as we make decisions moving forward.
  • Pray for the MRI in two months to show that the tumor is under control. 
Dennis and Brooklyn on Father's Day

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