Sunday, August 26, 2012

In Between

We are "in between" right now.  Done with round one of treatments.  This included radiation five days a week, chemotherapy every day and a trial drug two days a week.  We are so grateful to so many friends who gave Dennis rides to his various appointments.  Not only did you provide rides, you were a source of encouragement along the way.  So for now, Dennis is resting from the fatigue brought on by this assault on his body.  He has days when he does well and others where he is very tired.

Many of you have asked what we could use right now.  If you are around during the day, Dennis would love company and a chance to get out of the house.  If he is too tired to go someplace when you call, he will tell you but please keep trying.  Like I said, some days are better than others.  He will start a new round of treatments on September 19.  He will be on the trial drug again two days a week and will start a higher dose of chemotherapy but this time he will take it for five days and then be off of it for 23 days.  This cycle will repeat for the next six months minimum as long as there is no change on his MRIs.

In the last few months we have often wondered if this tumor has been present for a long time.  Lower grade tumors can turn into the grade four tumor that Dennis had.  Of course, that makes us think, "What if this had been found sooner?"  When we were talking about this the other night, Dennis put it into perspective.  He said, "If they had found this earlier, we would not have Brooke and I would do anything to have her here and have the chance to teach her about Jesus."  Our perspective continues to be refocused on the things that will matter for eternity.  Over the last year while we pursued Brooke's adoption, God has been changing our hearts and seeing more and more what is important.  It won't matter when we stand before Christ if we had a new car or big house or money in the will matter what we did for Him.

Yes, this is a hard path we are on.  It is not easy. It is extremely hard to live day-to-day wondering if all we are going through is working.  If Dennis will be one of the few who survive this type of cancer long-term.  I have shed more tears in the last few months than I have shed in a life-time.  But ultimately, none of us know what today holds much less tomorrow.  What matters is what we do right now.

Dennis has been teaching Brooke about showing her love to others by what she does.  How true this is for us as well. We show our love for Christ by how we love and serve others.  Right now, we are often on the receiving end of others outpouring of love.  We have seen Christ in so many of you.  We hope that those we encounter along this journey see Christ's love in us as well.

Pray for us:

  • Pray that we will show Christ's love to the people we meet as we journey through Dennis' treatments.
  • Pray for complete healing for Dennis.
  • Pray for us that we will not be discouraged.  There are times when this is overwhelming.
  • Pray for our peace.

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  1. Hello,
    We discovered you first through your adoption blog and journey to your beautiful daughter. We are currently awaiting our LOA for our baby girl waiting in China as well. When checking in on your blog this evening we learned of Dennis' diagnosis. Unfortunately, our family is all too familiar with how life can change in just moments. Our son was diagnosed at age six with brain cancer. Our journey brought all the things one would imagine and many noone could who has not walked this path. Overwhelmingly though our son's walk with cancer taught us more lessons about love and faith and life than we ever could have imagined. Our son, though only six, reminded us often that God loved him and He was taking care of him at every step. We pray that you continually feel the Lord's faithful love, his walk with you in every step. God Bless you both and your beautiful Brooke. Prayers for your healing and strength. Maria (