Friday, August 31, 2012

Nothing Much Happening

I try to be fairly regular in putting an update on the blog but really, nothing is happening right now.  Dennis only has to go to the hospital once a week right now for blood work.  So far his blood work has staying within normal ranges.  His fatigue does seem to be improving.  We are thankful for that.  He was totally overcome by it during the treatments.  We are not sure if it will return when he starts back on the chemo and the trial drug in mid-September.  He won’t have any more radiation and that is helpful in reducing the fatigue but chemo and the trial drug also are fatiguing.  

So, Dennis is resting at home most days.  Since he can’t drive, he is stuck there unless someone stops by and takes him someplace.  Feel free to call and offer him to go someplace with you.  He most likely will take you up on it just to get out.  If he isn’t feeling up to it, he will let you know.  

Brooke started school on Monday.  She has reading homework every night and for the most part, Dennis helps with it.  After reading with her a few times, I remembered what I hated most about teaching second grade – listening to beginning readers.  She is doing well at just six months home and Dennis is awesome with working with her on reading.  If you have not had the privilege of seeing Brooke and Dennis together, you are missing out.  He is an awesome Daddy and they really have a special bond.  We were concerned when all of this happened that it would overwhelm her but she has done fine with it.  

Keep praying.  We don’t know what the long range outcome of this journey will be but we do know we can trust it into the hands of our heavenly Father.  I’m often asked how we are doing.  Honestly, this is tough.  My answer will depend on what day you are asking.  I’m learning to cherish each day and not sweat the small stuff.  Dennis’ faith shines through.  For both of us, our hope is not in the outcome of the treatments he is going through, but in the eternal.  The Bible compares our life on earth to a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.  As hard as it is to face the unknown, it is only a moment compared to the eternity we will spend with our heavenly Father.

I ran across this poem recently:

He Knows
by:  Phil Gruenbaum

Lord you have searched and known me; known all my family too.
In times of fear and deepest strife you’ve shown me what to do.
This one seems one step beyond, the sadness grows and grows.
But this I offer to my friend – “He knows, He knows.”

“What was God thinking?” we might ask - and put Him to the test.
“We want your will and trust in you - is this Your very best?”
The answer not like lightning comes, like Faith it slowly grows
But lights go on, when comes the dawn – “He knows, He knows.”

He knows the inexplicable, and knows your thoughts afar,
And though you may not understand, He meets you where you are,
Your sadness is His sadness; He feels your grief and woes.
He’s bearing burdens with you now – “He knows, He knows.”

He’s with you in the front, the back; He “hems” you side to side.
You can’t escape Him East or West; in Him you must abide.
So when inside your heart dismays, and faint your spirit grows
With longing for His gracious love, “friend, be assured He knows.”

Teach me to do your will, oh God! Your Spirit lead me on
Preserve my days in righteousness till final rest is won
And then at last with saints, and You, and loved ones – all of those
We’ll join the chorus, all who say, “We know now as He knows.”

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