Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Date with Daddy

Brooke and Dennis had a date today.  Since Dennis can't drive it has been a challenge to find ways for them to have time together but they got some quality time together today. Dennis came up with the idea to take her to the Fireside Theater.  For those of you not from around here, the Fireside is a dinner theater.  The Fireside has fun shops to look around in, brunch and then a theater production on a square stage.   Since Dennis is unable to drive, this gave them the chance to shop, eat and be entertained all in one place and without too much exertion for Dennis.  I was the chauffeur for the day.   I dropped them off, went Christmas shopping and then picked them up.

Brooke and Dennis in one of the shops at the Fireside Theater.
 Brooke loved getting all dressed up for her special date.  The Christmas production this year was a musical version of A Christmas Carol. They both had a very special day together.

Dennis and Brooke having brunch.
Dennis continues to do well.  He still struggles with fatigue.  Even though much of today was spent sitting he was very tired when I picked them up after the matinee.  

Please continue to pray for Dennis as he goes through the remainder of his chemo.  He has completed three months of this cycle and he has three more to go.  He continues to have treatments with the other drug on Wednesday and Thursday.  The drug he gets those days leave him very tired as well.

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  1. Nice to see Dennis looking better and feeling better. It is good to create memories like this with Brooke.

    Ellen: Keep up the great work you have been doing with all your posts. I visit this site often to stay in touch with Dennis (and you as well)

    Tom Nesler