Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"What If" Can Cloud "What Is"

I’ve been thinking a lot about how the last six months of our lives have changed the way I think.  Once someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, the way you think about just about everything changes.  It becomes scary to just think about the future.  How do you plan when you no longer know if six months or a year from now, every aspect of your life may need to change?  You begin to live much more in the immediate moment.  I find myself grabbing a camera far more frequently.  At the same time, you cannot allow the “what if” to cloud the “what is”.  

I’m reminded of the Psalm 118:24 –“This is the day the Lord has made.   Let us rejoice and be happy today!”  And so I am learning to live and be happy in today.  Counting the many blessings along the way and endeavoring to trust God with the future. 

Instead of focusing on the “what if”, here are a few of the “what is” that help me to rejoice and be happy today.
  • Dennis continues to tolerate the treatments he is receiving.
  • As of his last MRI, there has been no regrowth of the tumor.
  • We are looking forward to a first Christmas as a family of three.
  • God has blessed us with friends who support and help us in so many ways.
  •  Brooke is a gift from God that we could never have even imagined.
  • We have a great medical team meeting Dennis’ needs and good health insurance too.
·         God has been with us each step of this journey and will continue to be moving forward.
It is so easy to focus on “what if” but God never told us to do that.  He does tell us to trust Him now.  He has promised to be faithful and we have seen that time and time again.  

Dennis has two more rounds of chemotherapy.  Unless something would change with his status, all treatments will be done on February 27th.  He will have an MRI in early March and then every eight weeks thereafter.  

Prayer Requests
  • Dennis has an MRI on January 8 – please pray it shows no regrowth of the tumor.
  • Please pray that Dennis’ fatigue is minimal for Christmas.  We plan on spending some time with both of our families and would love for him to enjoy these days and not be overwhelmed with fatigue.
  • Pray for complete healing. 
We hope you each have a wonderful Christmas. 

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