Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Here We Go Again - MRI Next Week

I’m not sure where the last seven weeks have gone since Dennis’ last MRI.  Next week Tuesday, he will have another MRI.  This is the first one since the end of treatments so it adds a new layer to the stress of these.  We will get the results on Wednesday.  Please keep us in your prayers this week and next as we approach this evaluation.  Dennis has had no increase in symptoms to make us think anything is going wrong but with brain tumors, you often don’t know there is a problem until it is well established.  

Overall Dennis is doing very well.  He continues to be plagued with fatigue.  This is the problem that over rides everything else he attempts to do.  When he is feeling OK and sets out to do something, he often finds that his energy is gone very quickly.  It is frustrating for him as he would like to be able to do more and hopefully get back to where he was prior to the cancer.  We are daily adjusting to this new “normal”.  We are learning all the time how to plan in order to accomplish priority tasks without totally exhausting him. 

We have been exploring options on how Dennis can get out of the house.  We had considered a scooter with a sidecar for Brooke, but after seeking the advice of some brain tumor survivors and people that work in this field, we decided it was too risky.  So, that moved us on to other options.  The goals were some mode of transportation that would not expend too much energy and fatigue Dennis, would allow him to get into town and also allow for him to take Brooke along.  After some shopping and investigating, we settled on an electric bike.  This will allow him to get the exercise he wants when he is up to it and also have the ability to not expend energy just getting to a location when he needs to preserve the energy he has.  It also allows for him to pull a child carrier for Brooke.  Because it is at a slower speed than a scooter would have been, it greatly reduces the risk for Brooke to go with him.  The bike should arrive sometime in the next two weeks.
Please keep us in your prayers in a special way in the next seven days.  Pray for our peace as we wait for results and for those results to show no regrowth. 

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