Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Good News

I will make this post brief as it is getting late and has been a long day which followed on the heels of a poor nights sleep for both of us.  It seems as if each MRI is more stressful as we approach it and wait for the results.  I think some of this stress is due to the fact that we start thinking that according to statistics on this type of cancer, it often reappears around this time.  If you look at statistics, it is not good and we try to avoid dwelling on them but when it is time to "take a look" with an MRI, it is very difficult.

With that said, we were thrilled when the doctor called this morning to tell is the MRI was clear again.  We breathed a sigh of relief and made some quick phone calls and posted on Facebook with the good news.  We saw the doctor later this morning and the news continued to be good.  There has been a spot on the MRI since Dennis' surgery in June.  The doctor told us he thought the spot was most likely residual material from the surgery but could also have been tumor.  Whatever it was, on the MRI from Tuesday it was GONE!  We were thrilled to hear and see that change.

Dennis will have another MRI in eight weeks.  We tend to live in eight weeks chunks of time.  After the stress leading up to an MRI we are always glad to have some time to just live.  There will be several milestones between now and the next MRI.  Dennis will celebrate his 50th birthday at the end of May and on June 8th we will celebrate the one year mark since this all started.  Many people with this type of cancer never reach that milestone.

Dennis is now eight weeks since his last treatment.  He is doing well but still battles fatigue.  In addition, he struggles some with finding the right word for things. Rapid conversations also can be challenging and contribute to the fatigue.  We are waiting to hear from the long-term disability company regarding his on-going disability.  We should hear from them later this week.  Please continue to pray that this will go through easily.

Dennis hopes to be somewhat more mobile next week.  We ordered an electric bike for him and he should get it next week.  This will allow him to get around town and if he gets tired, he can get home without having to expend too much energy.

We appreciate all your prayers and words of encouragement.  Please continue to pray that this cancer stays away and that Dennis gains some strength as stamina.  

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