Thursday, June 20, 2013

MRI on Monday, June 24

Dennis has an MRI every eight weeks.  The weeks between MRIs go so quickly.  He will have his next MRI on Monday, June 24th.  The doctor generally calls us the following morning with the results.  Dennis will see the doctor on Wednesday.  We hate the days leading up to an MRI week.  Each time one of these roles around it is harder than the one previous.  You’d think they would become routine but that is not the case.  Since the recurrence rate is so high – almost 100% - with this type of cancer, the further away we are from the surgery and diagnosis, the more we feel like the odds are stacked against us.  With that said, we find great comfort and peace in knowing the outcome is not dependent upon medicine but on the sovereign will of God.  Please keep us in your prayers as we approach the MRI and results next week. 

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  1. We will be praying for peace as well as a good MRI. Keep your eye on the prize...the upward call of God...:-)

    Take care!...All of you!