Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Building the Ramp

Dennis has been having difficulty walking steps and last week on Thursday he could not get back into the house after we had gone out to dinner.  We got him in with the assistance of a neighbor but it was very clear that we had to do something.  A ramp needed to be built and he had an appointment for physical therapy in one week.  I knew he had to go to the appointment and would be very tired when he got home.  I was not sure with that short of a time frame if we could get a ramp constructed in time for his Friday appointment.

I called up our Bible study group leaders and ask if they could help organize the guys in the group to build a ramp.  By the end of that day the plans were in place to build the ramp on Labor Day and all the costs of building it were covered as well.  We were amazed.

We chose to put it in the garage so we would not have to deal with ice and snow on it.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Brad, Ric and Bill

Attaching the top.

Building in the supports.
Even Brooklyn helped.

Adding the safety lip.
Dennis watching the finishing touches go into place

Finished with the project.

 A huge thanks to Bill, Ric and Brad for their construction work and to the Laura and Sean for their help with organization.

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