Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More from Yesterday

We wanted to write a quick note yesterday but were exhausted after the doctor visit.  As we said yesterday, we are waiting on one more report.  No matter what this report says, we know that the possibility of reoccurrence of the tumor is very high.  Please continue to pray that Dennis will be one of the exceptions to this.  We are praying specifically that the chemo and radiation will kill any remaining cells.  We know God will be walking with us through this time and trust Him with the outcome.  We continue to see ways in which He has prepared us in advance for this time.  We talked with our insurance today and were assured of our coverage for his care.  There is also a study Dennis will be participating in that has had success in making the chemo more effective.

For now, Dennis is healing from the surgery.  We will have a planning meeting for his treatments in early July and his radiation, chemo and study participation will begin shortly after that.

We have set-up a website for those who are interested in helping us with needs as they arise.  We will need your email address to send you an invitation to join his support team.  Some needs we know we will have will be rides to appointments.  Please send your email to Ellen or Dennis and we'll send you an invitation to the group.  We decided to do this as a private group as the website suggests that public groups have security risks associated with them.


  1. Hi, Ellen! Would it be safe to include in the "about me" part of the blog your home email and mail address for personal messages? I only know your Bethesda email address and there may be others like me.
    I use every invitation for intercessions to pray for all three of you.
    Love and more love, Sue

  2. Ellen,

    Please send me an invitation to your web site. I'll send you my email through Facebook.

    Tom Tenley