Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This Week

Just a very quick note to update you on what is going on this week for Dennis.  Today, Wednesday, Dennis begins his second four week cycle of treatment. He will have six cycles before he is done with treatments. When he saw his doctor today, the doctor increased the dose of chemotherapy he will start tonight and take for five nights.  He was able to do this because Dennis' blood work has stayed within normal ranges.  Please pray that he tolerates this higher dose as well as he has tolerated the lower dose.  We are thankful his blood work has stayed in normal ranges and hope this will continue moving forward.

Also pray for Dennis to be free of the many virus' that are around right now.  He did get the cold I had and is still fighting that off.  Several of the kids at Brooke's school have been sick with fevers and stomach flu.  She has not had it so please pray she does not get it or bring it home to Dennis.

Thanks for your on-going prayers, calls, notes and words of encouragement. 

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  1. Praying for all of your stength and that Dennis stays healthy. Know I think of you all. {{hugs}} How is Ms Brooke doing these days?