Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Treatment Days

I think we are settling into a pattern that will go on for the next six months.  Dennis goes in on Wednesday and Thursday for the IV drug he gets.  These days tend to be a bit hard on him.  He gets very tired about ½ way through getting the drug.  (It takes an hour to deliver the full dose of the drug.) He is usually tired the rest of the day.  He also often gets a headache but he has been taking Tylenol prior to receiving the drug and that seems to help.  Often he feels a bit better on Friday but then is very fatigued on Saturday and sometimes Sunday.  Monday and Tuesday are often his best days.  For five days out of 28 days he also takes an oral chemo before going to bed.  

If you think of Dennis on his treatment days, please remember to pray for him.  He really dreads these days.  He knows going in that he will leave feeling totally drained.  It also is a constant reminder of the battle he is facing.  We treasure your prayers on Dennis’ behalf. 

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  1. I was led to check your blog this morning (Thursday) and I'm praying for an awesome day for all of you. You often mention how you want to glorify God... You are an AMAZING example of God's love, faithfulness, and perseverance. Your writings are full of His love and you shine for Him! Praying that you feel His presence, love and strength today and always!