Saturday, May 31, 2014

Getting By

Dennis Update

16 radiation treatments down and 11 to go.  This has been a very hard round of radiation.  Dennis is exhausted most of the time and is struggling some with short-term memory.  We won't know until this is all done and some time has passed if any of this is permanent.  We would expect that at least the fatigue would get better.  Please keep praying that the radiation kills the cancer and leaves healthy brain tissue alone.

Dennis' Birthday

Today is Dennis' birthday.  He woke up tired and not feeling great.  We realized he had missed his medications last night so he took them this morning and is sleeping them off  as I write this.  Some family is coming by later today so we are hoping he feels better when he wakes up.

He is enjoying the birthday cards and notes of encouragement you are sending.  I'm sure they will brighten his week as they continue to arrive.

Around the House

I am so thankful for all of our friends who have helped us with projects around the house.  With Dennis not able to do this right now, I just get overwhelmed at time.  It often means I have little time to spend time with Dennis and Brooklyn but because of your help, it makes these times possible.  Thank you.

I'm also thankful that Dad often let me help him in projects as a kid and that Dennis and I have done a lot of projects together over the years.  Both of these men have made me competent with power tools and I can figure out a solution to some home repairs.  I've used these skills on two home repairs recently.

On Mother's Day we had a downpour and it was evident that we had clogged gutters.  I thought a simple trip up a ladder and I could reach in and clean them out but that was not to be.  Instead, the  clog was about several feet down in a curve in the pipe.  A few tools and disassembling of the pipes and we were back in business.  In the 11 years I have lived at this house, we have never had that happen!  I was soaked to the skin when I was done.  I'm laughing about it now but was not amused the day it happened.

Then last night I decided to check why the dryer was taking forever to dry a load of clothes.  When I looked behind the dryer there was lint all over.  On closer inspection, the vent tube was bent and had holes in it.  I don't even want to go into how much lint was stuck in the pipe.  So, a trip to the hardware store for a few pieces to splice two pipes together and a new pipe and we are back in business.  The dust and dirt was not the best for my allergies but it is done.

I told Dennis, "Aren't you glad you didn't marry a bimbo who could not do any of this stuff?"  I figure  I can at least make an attempt at these projects and if I get stuck one of you just might get an emergency phone call.  ;)

Prayer Request

Please remember to pray for Dennis during these last 11 treatments.  He is so tired of feeling nasty.  It has been a tough time for him.  He will finish them on June16th.  Pray also for Brooklyn and me as we try to encourage him and support him along this difficult road.

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