Friday, May 2, 2014

It's Good to Look Back

I started reading back through this blog and our journey these past two years. Wow, what a great reminder of all the ways God has provided for us during these two years.

  • People who have provided rides to more doctor appointments than we can count.
  • Financial provisions that came just when we needed them.
  • Sermons, notes, words of encouragement and specific Bible verses to meet our heart felt needs just when we needed them.
  • Friend who have done yard work, cut down trees, taken Brooklyn to school, made meals.... amazing!
  • Great medical care at a hospital and cancer clinic right where we live and in our insurance group.
  • Dennis has done much better than most people with this type of cancer.  He does struggle with fatigue and some walking problems during the last six months,  but overall he is doing well.
God has been so good to us. In the Old Testament, God often instructed His people to construct memorials to remind them of how He had provided for them and to tell their children about His provision when they saw them. This blog is our memorial to all God is doing for us and a story to share with Brooklyn in the years ahead.

God has taught us so much over these past 23 months. We have been refined during this trial.  I have learned so much. Dennis and I were discussing yesterday how things that would have seemed stressful in the past just aren't any more. I think some of that is because we realize how unimportant the cares of this world are in light of eternity.  But mostly I think it is because we have seen God provide in so many ways and so many times that I am learning to let go and leave it all in His hands.  In one of my early blogs I wrote about how I am a fixer by nature. I always would try to fix whatever came into my life. Now I see that is not what God wants from me. He wants me to rest in His plan to take care of everything and to trust Him and wait for Him to take care of it all.

We don't know what the future holds in all of this but we know and have experienced God's working and provision in our lives and know He will be there in our future to meet our needs.  Knowing this brings us great peace.

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