Thursday, May 1, 2014

What's Next?

We spent the afternoon discussing Dennis' next steps in battling this cancer with his neuro-oncologist and the radiation oncologist.  I'll spare you all of the details and sum up what we learned and where we are heading.

A portion of Dennis tumor is active.  You must treat this or it will continue to spread.  The best option is a type of radiation that has been pioneered by his radiation oncologist.  His first round of radiation was a high dose radiation delivered very quickly.  This radiation is a low dose delivered via a pulse over a longer period of time.  It has worked well for this type of cancer.  They don't talk about curing this cancer but providing quality time.  There are several factors that predict good outcome from this and Dennis has those all in his favor: at least 1 year from initial radiation (Dennis finished radiation in Sept. of 2012), overall functioning level and one other one that I can't recall at the moment.  It is impossible to predict how long the radiation will be effective for him.  There are a few people who have gone extended periods of time without a relapse and we will continue to pray and leave this is God's hands.

After Dennis finishes radiation, they will keep monitoring him with regular MRIs.  If it starts to grow again, there are a couple of things that his oncologist is considering for Dennis.  The options are somewhat limited but there are still a few options. Both of Dennis' doctors take the time to talk with us and answer questions.  They are very open and honest with us and we appreciate that very much.

Please keep praying.  We are doing what we can medically but we know an even greater physician who is able to intercede and totally remove this cancer.

In the weeks ahead, please pray for Dennis as he begins this treatment and a new medication.  Pray for tolerance of the medication as well as for strength for Dennis.  The radiation and the medication can make him tired.

Dennis will need daily rides to his appointments.  I have posted next week's rides to his help group and will post additional rides as soon as I have the appointments.  If you are not in his help group but would like to be, there is a link in the upper right corner that will take you to the sight.  Sign-up there and we will get an email.  You will receive an email back from us that approves your request.  You must respond to that email to be in the group.

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