Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Yesterday Dennis attended a support group meeting for people with brain tumors.  He met a man at the group who had the same type of tumor that Dennis had 18 years ago!  It was very encouraging to meet someone who has been so long without the tumor returning.  It was also encouraging to hear other people comment on how well he is doing.

As of yesterday, Dennis has completed one week of treatments.  He will have radiation for five more weeks.  The chemotherapy and the trial drug program will continue after the six weeks are up but on a different dose and schedule.  Overall he is doing well although he gets very tired following the treatments.   This is expected as his body is processing the treatments and repairing the healthy cells that also get damaged during treatment.  He saw the doctor in charge of his radiation yesterday and they told him not to lose weight. (Don’t hear that from my doctor.)  It is important to maintain his weight while going through therapy.

Prayer Requests
  • Please continue to pray that these various treatments work and remove any remaining cells. 
  • Also, pray he has a good appetite.  The fatigue and treatments tend to reduce appetite and taste. 
  • Pray for me as I struggle with being at work when my heart cries out to be with Dennis every day at his appointments.  
We are blessed to have so many in our lives who are helping us at this time.  We don’t know how we would do this without your support.  Prayers, rides, words of encouragement, emails, cards, meals…the list goes on and on.  Some of you live close by and others are literally around the world but your love is felt and appreciated. 

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