Sunday, July 1, 2012

Monday Prayer Request

Please remember us specifically on Monday in your prayers.  Dennis has a full day of appointments at the hospital that are in preparation for his treatments.  Dennis has days where he has fairly good energy and other days where he tires very easily.  This busy day will definitely tire him out.  Pray that he has the energy he needs to get through the day without it causing him to be so tired.  In general, pray for his fatigue level.  It is normal following brain surgery and is also part of what we expect from his treatments.  

Our anniversary was one of his best days in terms of fatigue.  We had a good time in the afternoon.  We went the the Disney store with Brooke, ate out and then went on the Upper Dells boat cruise.  It was Brooke's first time on a boat.  One of our friends gave us passes for the cruise - thanks Kris.  

All that has happened in three short weeks still seems very overwhelming at times.  We learn more every day about depending on God and trusting Him with the outcome.  We are so encouraged by so many of you reaching out to us to offer your help and at times, a shoulder to cry on. We love you all and appreciate you.  

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